Get started

Welcome to Cartaro!

This demo provides you with three example maps of the Cartaro distribution.

The Switzerland map shows around 8000 points imported from through the Feeds module and is using a Swiss projection. These points are rendered through a GeoServer WFS layer, making use of the clustering behavior in the OpenLayers module. Note that with Internet Explorer 8 the number of points will be limited to 100.

Support for custom projections is visualized by the Antarctica map. In addition research stations are rendered from a KML file.

The world map contains a content type to store the name and location of a capital city, a GeoServer layer and style to publish all capital cities and an OpenLayers map to render those cities on a map.

PGIS shows how Cartaro can be used for participatory public GIS applications. The workflow implemented allows collaborative mapping of data that undergo a revision process before being published.

Next steps:

  • Create content types with PostGIS fields that suite your needs.
  • Create GeoServer layers to publish content types with PostGIS fields.
  • Create GeoServer styles to customize the rendering of GeoServer layers.
  • Add GeoServer layers to your OpenLayers maps.

The Cartaro documentation provides detailed information.